• Cauliflower Wings (V) £7.75

    With korean BBQ sauce, sesame and lime

  • Jerk/Suya pot wings £6.25

    Fresh chicken wings, marinated in our homemade rub

  • Jamaican saltfish fritters £8.25

    Crsipy fritters packed with salted fish & scotch bonnet with lime chilli mayo

  • Salt & pink peppercorn squid £8.95

    With pickle onion, fresh Chilli, roasted pepper aioli & lime

  • Crispy breaded coconut king prawns £8.45

    Served roast pepper aioli and lemon wege

  • Sweetcorn fritters (V) (VG) £6.25

    Fluffy on the inside, sweetcorn, spring onions, mango and cucumber salsa , lime chilli mayo

  • Hot pepper soup £7.25

    Steamed mutton and beef cooked with ginger, chilli, tomato and onion, garnish with spring onions

  • panko breded halloumi (V) £7.75

    With chilli tomato jam and lime


  • Sous vide and grilled jerk chicken £14.25

    Half chicken, served with rich jerk gravy, choice of rice and peas or jollof rice

  • Jerk rum ribs £17.95

    Slow roasted and grilled pork ribs in our rum sauce served with coconut rice & peas or fries, garnish with crunchy slaw

  • Curry goat £14.95

    Marinated in toasted aromatic spices, green seasoning & scotch bonnet, choices of coconut rice & peas or jollof rice,
    crunchy slaw

  • Vegan caribbean curry £10.25

    Sweet potato, butternut squash and green, cooked in with coconut aromatic spiced curry sauce, served with rice & peas
    or jollof rice, crunchy slaw

  • Carribean red snapper £14.95

    Sauteed slightly spice mixture of red pepper, onion and carrot, lemon , served with jollof rice or fries

  • Tilapia £13.95

    Spiced char grilled and sautted slightly spice mixture of red peppers, onion and carrot, lemon wedge, rice and peas

  • Nkatia wonu £15.90

    Peanut soup with assorted meat, ginger, pepper , tomato & fufu

  • Jerk chicken burger £10.25

    Golden & crispy fried chicken, smashed avocado, lettuce, pineapple relish and chips
    + Bacon £2.95
    + Cheese £1

  • Jerk beef burger £10.75

    Lettuce, pineapple relish and chips
    + Bacon £2.95
    + Cheese £1

  • Vegan crispy jackfruit burger(V) (VG) £9.50

    Pineapple relish, with crunchy slaw & chips

  • Sous vide and grilled sirloin steak £23.25

    With roast plum tomato, mixed leaves ,served fries and peppercorn sauce


  • Cobb salad £12.75

    Chicken schnitzel , crispy bacon, tomato, cucumber, poached egg, parmasan, avocado, mix leaves & house dressing
    + Add chicken £3.50
    + Add halloumi £3

  • Ceasar £10.25

    With baby gem , garlic croutons, lardons, egg
    + Add chicken £3.50


  • Plantain (V) (VG) £5.50
  • Banku £3.50
  • Fufu £3.50
  • Skin-on-fries £3.35
  • Jollof rice £5.20
  • Sweet potatoes £3.75


  • Dragon stout
  • Old jamaican ginger beer
  • Piña colada
  • Mojito